Bugs in the teeth–it’s time to get rolling

I went out for my first practice CX ride of the season at a favorite (kinda secret) location. I left with mud on my legs and bugs in my teeth. Why bugs? Because I couldn’t stop grinning. It felt so good to be back on the grass. I ride road, MTB, and gravel, but I belong on a CX course.

Enough gushing, because I just figured out that we’re kinda behind here. Kinda. Last year we had the first info posts out in July but since the CoMoCyclocross Cup has been moved back a week to October 3 & 4 we’re still in an acceptable range.

October 3–NIGHT RACE! The only one in Missouri as far as we know and we are gonna rock it. If you were here the last two years you know what we’re talking about.

Housing–we’re gonna offer up spare bedrooms, couches, floor space, and backyards for anyone that wants a free place to crash that night. Sign-up by contacting michelle.windmoeller @ gmail.com

October 4–DAY TWO! You know the drill: we do it all again, except tired and kinda hungover. But we promise coffee and donuts and, if we’re lucky, an exploding glazed cruller off Benji’s handlebars again. I really wish we had video of that.

Registration is open. While you’re at it, sign up for Hermann Cross–the last year, let’s make it a biggie!–and get on over to our Tuesday night practice series at Socket starting September 1.


Bring in the Newbs

The firs thing out of my mouth when someone tells me they ride bikes is “Do you know what cyclocross is?”

Usually they walk into my verbal trap with some variation of “I’ve heard of it but never seen it” or “No, I don’t think so,” then I’m off and running.

Sometimes I get scolded for possibly scaring people by talking about it too much, but when you love something as much as I love cyclocross you want to bring more people in to share the party.

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 9.56.08 AM

Help me bring some newbs into CoMo cyclocross this season.

  • Share the video below with a friend who doesn’t know what cyclocross is.
  • Invite family and friends to join you Sept 27 & 28 at CoMo Cyclcross Cup. They can watch. They can ride. They can join the party.


Note: If you have superhero vision you can see some of the CoMo Cup planning team watching one of the races in this video.

Picture = Words

So much info is conveyed in this photo but there are four main things you really need to know. Take a look and we’ll see if you figured them out at the end.

Bike Reg 2014

Trade your paper with a partner and let’s check answers.

#1 We have an awesome title sponsor. Focus on Health KNOWS all about the aches and pains of a cyclist and totally supports us getting more of them by racing Cross.

FOH_logo 2

#2 Registration opens August 9. That photo lies. Flat out lies. Sign up on Aug 9. Think of it as the high school Letter of Intent Day you never got.

Signing day

#3 SUNDAY races. This is a two day event. Hotels are close. Nice people with couches you can crash on live here. Make it a weekend.

#4 The Junior races are not listed. That’s because they’re FREE. We also have a Little Belgians race for the under 10 demographic. The info is in the race flyer.

Bonus question: What does the majority of the ComoCXCup planning team order at Ernie’s when we have breakfast meetings? The #4. With bacon.

The First 3 Steps

The TdF is winding down and social media is buzzing with talk of cyclocross. Knobbies, hand-ups, barriers, flyover, heckling. This is the language of Fall to a cyclist and even though it’s only July, we couldn’t be more ready.

Except there are some things we need you all to do first.

1. Put these dates on your calendar.

While you’re at it, add these events because they’re always a good time put on by good people.

2. Tell your friends about these dates

Cyclocross is a full participation sport. Riders of every ability and rowdy spectators are part of the fun. All are embraced and plied with beer until, the next thing you know, someone is chasing riders around the course administering corporal punishment with a giant fly swatter.


Share or print this flier.

3. Get a CX bike.

A mountain bike will work too. Beg, borrow, modify, sell stuff on Craigslist, cash in your retirement account, whatever it takes. If you’re not riding CX you are missing out. Simply missing out.