Next Weekend

Next weekend! Cray Cray and amazeballs, right? That’s my attempt to pull in more of the hipster single speeder demographic. Actually, I think that’s more 13-year-old girl. Time to move on to my next plan.

hipster trap

Next weekend! Good thing we’ve been planning it for months ’cause it’s going to be fantastic.

  • Payouts are 5 deep in three fields. See the race guide.
  • We’ll have TWO!–TWO!!—TWO!!! beer sponsors with flowing kegs.
  • We’ll have a food tent with wings, brats, homemade brownies, donuts, etc. all for donation “pricing.”
  • We’ll have real restrooms.

And the party. My gosh the party.

I don’t want to give any surprises away, but if you know our local racers, you know that THIS party will be legit. Remember last year?


Actual quotes:Actual quotes

So register now or you’ll have to endure a year of your friends giving you $#!& for not showing up.



The First 3 Steps

The TdF is winding down and social media is buzzing with talk of cyclocross. Knobbies, hand-ups, barriers, flyover, heckling. This is the language of Fall to a cyclist and even though it’s only July, we couldn’t be more ready.

Except there are some things we need you all to do first.

1. Put these dates on your calendar.

While you’re at it, add these events because they’re always a good time put on by good people.

2. Tell your friends about these dates

Cyclocross is a full participation sport. Riders of every ability and rowdy spectators are part of the fun. All are embraced and plied with beer until, the next thing you know, someone is chasing riders around the course administering corporal punishment with a giant fly swatter.


Share or print this flier.

3. Get a CX bike.

A mountain bike will work too. Beg, borrow, modify, sell stuff on Craigslist, cash in your retirement account, whatever it takes. If you’re not riding CX you are missing out. Simply missing out.