Bugs in the teeth–it’s time to get rolling

I went out for my first practice CX ride of the season at a favorite (kinda secret) location. I left with mud on my legs and bugs in my teeth. Why bugs? Because I couldn’t stop grinning. It felt so good to be back on the grass. I ride road, MTB, and gravel, but I belong on a CX course.

Enough gushing, because I just figured out that we’re kinda behind here. Kinda. Last year we had the first info posts out in July but since the CoMoCyclocross Cup has been moved back a week to October 3 & 4 we’re still in an acceptable range.

October 3–NIGHT RACE! The only one in Missouri as far as we know and we are gonna rock it. If you were here the last two years you know what we’re talking about.

Housing–we’re gonna offer up spare bedrooms, couches, floor space, and backyards for anyone that wants a free place to crash that night. Sign-up by contacting michelle.windmoeller @ gmail.com

October 4–DAY TWO! You know the drill: we do it all again, except tired and kinda hungover. But we promise coffee and donuts and, if we’re lucky, an exploding glazed cruller off Benji’s handlebars again. I really wish we had video of that.

Registration is open. While you’re at it, sign up for Hermann Cross–the last year, let’s make it a biggie!–and get on over to our Tuesday night practice series at Socket starting September 1.