Recovery Time

Fact: It takes 9 days to recover from 5 months of planning and 2 days of event.

Wow, people. That was frickin’ awesome and we couldn’t have pulled it off without you. Whether you were a racer, a volunteer, or a sponsor, you helped put this cyclocross race on the map. So many great ideas are already swirling for next year.

Photos links below. If you have any others, send us a link and we’ll share them.

Little Belgians courtesy of official John Gomes

Mike Dawson’s Gallery from Saturday

Melanie Irish’s photos from Sunday

Back to sponsors. We can’t thank you enough for your financial support of the event. You helped us put the extra touches into this race that truly turned it into an event.

Yeah, were talking about you Focus on Health–our title sponsor that has already committed to 2015!

FOH_logo 2

And all those over at Bob McCosh that supplied some funds AND a sweet Camero for the weekend.

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 6.39.47 PM

Thanks goes to Cyclextreme Bicycle Warehouse and Walt’s Bicycle Fitness & Wilderness for supporting the event, supporting the two teams that came together to put on this event, and supporting the great cycling community we have here  in Columbia.



A big “Heck-Yeah!” to the creator of our unique cyclist-handcrafted medallions: McNail Woodworks…John also made the podium that the winners stood on to receive them.


And we certainly can’t forget the local beer. With Logboat Brewing there on Saturday and Bur Oak Brewing on Sunday, we struck it rich with the amber gold. Very tasty my friends, very tasty.

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 6.40.47 PM logboatblack

We’ll be back in 2015 and we’ll be bigger. Until then…