Next Weekend

Next weekend! Cray Cray and amazeballs, right? That’s my attempt to pull in more of the hipster single speeder demographic. Actually, I think that’s more 13-year-old girl. Time to move on to my next plan.

hipster trap

Next weekend! Good thing we’ve been planning it for months ’cause it’s going to be fantastic.

  • Payouts are 5 deep in three fields. See the race guide.
  • We’ll have TWO!–TWO!!—TWO!!! beer sponsors with flowing kegs.
  • We’ll have a food tent with wings, brats, homemade brownies, donuts, etc. all for donation “pricing.”
  • We’ll have real restrooms.

And the party. My gosh the party.

I don’t want to give any surprises away, but if you know our local racers, you know that THIS party will be legit. Remember last year?


Actual quotes:Actual quotes

So register now or you’ll have to endure a year of your friends giving you $#!& for not showing up.