You Lucky Dogs!

For the past five months a small group of us have been planning the CoMo CX Cup and I realize now we’ve been stingy as hell. Hogging all of the event awesomeness for ourselves was just plain mean. We know you want to get your hands dirty in the fun too so…you lucky dogs…we’ve got ways to make that happen.

Join the CoMo CX Crew in any one of following ways and you’ll get yourself a free t-shirt, free food and drink, and the life-long admiration of Jens Voigt.

Apathy is boring. Email or FB Steve Windmoeller (steve.windmoeller @ carefusion .com) and let him know where you can spend an hour or two being awe-inspiring.

Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 3.19.32 PM

We need people that want to Make New Friends. It’s all about teamwork when you join the crew that:

  • unpacks the van
  • builds the course–free preview of all the divots and slick spots!
  • sets up the tents and tables

When: any block of time from 10am to 2pm on Saturday.

We may not have lux embassy digs, but we still need ambassadors, or am-BadAss-adors, as I like to call them. Being an aBAa involves:

  • registering riders
  • handing out swag
  • keeping the officials happy

When: any block of time from 2:30pm-10pm Saturday and/or 8:30am-2pm Sunday

Host your own Oktoberfest. When you’re working the beer tent, you’re throwing the party! And you don’t even have to scrub a toilet or put out fresh towels. We’re gonna have beer, we’re gonna have brats and wings, we’re gonna have baked goods. We just need you!

  • manage the grill
  • keep the beer flowing
  • restock the napkin bin

When: any block of time from 4pm-10pm Saturday and/or 9am-4pm Sunday

Indulge your OCD by joining the Tidy Up Crew. We’re at the park so we don’t need to be super hygienic, but we still need:

  • trash bagged up at the end of the night Saturday
  • valuables packed into the van on Saturday
  • the course taken down on Sunday
  • tents broken down and packed on Sunday

When: 10pm-11pm Saturday and/or 4pm-6pm Sunday

Those who read to the end of instructions should always receive a reward so I saved the best for last. Get unlimited opportunities to lick the bowl by baking some CoMo CX Cup Confections. Brownies, cookies, cinnamon rolls, cupcakes, muffins. Time to put those Pinterest recipes that have just been sitting there gathering pixel dust to use. You’re not a baker? Enlist a friend/parent/grandmother/teenager that is.

  • Bake
  • Lick bowl/beaters/spatula
  • Individually wrap the goodies
  • Freeze (or bake the day before)
  • Repeat

When: you decide! But please deliver or make arrangements by Saturday.

Inspirational quote to wrap this up: Just do it.