Catching some zzz’s in Como


Need a place to crash between the Saturday Night Race and the Sunday Sweat-Out-The-Hangover Race? We’ve got you covered.

Drop michelle.windmoeller @ a line and she’ll get you matched up with a friendly Columbia cyclist that has a bed, or a couch, or an air-mattress on the floor, maybe even a yard to pitch a tent. Whatever it takes.

Prefer to hotel it? No worries there either. A Comfort Inn Suites is right across from the park and we can help get ya’ a good rate.

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 4.29.13 PM

Bugs in the teeth–it’s time to get rolling


I went out for my first practice CX ride of the season at a favorite (kinda secret) location. I left with mud on my legs and bugs in my teeth. Why bugs? Because I couldn’t stop grinning. It felt so good to be back on the grass. I ride road, MTB, and gravel, but I belong on a CX course.

Enough gushing, because I just figured out that we’re kinda behind here. Kinda. Last year we had the first info posts out in July but since the CoMoCyclocross Cup has been moved back a week to October 3 & 4 we’re still in an acceptable range.

October 3–NIGHT RACE! The only one in Missouri as far as we know and we are gonna rock it. If you were here the last two years you know what we’re talking about.

Housing–we’re gonna offer up spare bedrooms, couches, floor space, and backyards for anyone that wants a free place to crash that night. Sign-up by contacting michelle.windmoeller @

October 4–DAY TWO! You know the drill: we do it all again, except tired and kinda hungover. But we promise coffee and donuts and, if we’re lucky, an exploding glazed cruller off Benji’s handlebars again. I really wish we had video of that.

Registration is open. While you’re at it, sign up for Hermann Cross–the last year, let’s make it a biggie!–and get on over to our Tuesday night practice series at Socket starting September 1.

Recovery Time


Fact: It takes 9 days to recover from 5 months of planning and 2 days of event.

Wow, people. That was frickin’ awesome and we couldn’t have pulled it off without you. Whether you were a racer, a volunteer, or a sponsor, you helped put this cyclocross race on the map. So many great ideas are already swirling for next year.

Photos links below. If you have any others, send us a link and we’ll share them.

Little Belgians courtesy of official John Gomes

Mike Dawson’s Gallery from Saturday

Melanie Irish’s photos from Sunday

Back to sponsors. We can’t thank you enough for your financial support of the event. You helped us put the extra touches into this race that truly turned it into an event.

Yeah, were talking about you Focus on Health–our title sponsor that has already committed to 2015!

FOH_logo 2

And all those over at Bob McCosh that supplied some funds AND a sweet Camero for the weekend.

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 6.39.47 PM

Thanks goes to Cyclextreme Bicycle Warehouse and Walt’s Bicycle Fitness & Wilderness for supporting the event, supporting the two teams that came together to put on this event, and supporting the great cycling community we have here  in Columbia.



A big “Heck-Yeah!” to the creator of our unique cyclist-handcrafted medallions: McNail Woodworks…John also made the podium that the winners stood on to receive them.


And we certainly can’t forget the local beer. With Logboat Brewing there on Saturday and Bur Oak Brewing on Sunday, we struck it rich with the amber gold. Very tasty my friends, very tasty.

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 6.40.47 PM logboatblack

We’ll be back in 2015 and we’ll be bigger. Until then…

The Schedule

Do your friends and family want to know when you’re gonna race? Send ’em this schedule.


Registration opens at 2:30pm

  • 4pm–Masters 40+, Masters 50+ and Singlespeed
  • 5pm–Women 4, Women Open, Junior Boys and Girls (10-18)
  • 6pm–Little Belgians (under 10) BEST race of the night!
  • 7pm–Men 4/5
  • 8pm–Men 3/4
  • 9pm–Men Open


Registration opens at 8:30am

  • 10am–Masters 40+, Masters 50+ and Singlespeed
  • 11am–Women 4, Women Open, Junior Boys and Girls (10-18)
  • Noon–Little Belgians (under 10) Again, BEST race of the day!
  • 1pm–Men 4/5
  • 2pm–Men 3/4
  • 3pm–Men Open

Next Weekend

Next weekend! Cray Cray and amazeballs, right? That’s my attempt to pull in more of the hipster single speeder demographic. Actually, I think that’s more 13-year-old girl. Time to move on to my next plan.

hipster trap

Next weekend! Good thing we’ve been planning it for months ’cause it’s going to be fantastic.

  • Payouts are 5 deep in three fields. See the race guide.
  • We’ll have TWO!–TWO!!—TWO!!! beer sponsors with flowing kegs.
  • We’ll have a food tent with wings, brats, homemade brownies, donuts, etc. all for donation “pricing.”
  • We’ll have real restrooms.

And the party. My gosh the party.

I don’t want to give any surprises away, but if you know our local racers, you know that THIS party will be legit. Remember last year?


Actual quotes:Actual quotes

So register now or you’ll have to endure a year of your friends giving you $#!& for not showing up.


5 Deep in Payouts

Zach M

We don’t do cyclocross for the money…but we all spend so much cash on the sport it’s nice when a little flows back into the coffers.

The Cup is paying 5 deep in the Men’s 3/4, Men’s Open, and Women’s Open. race flier Those are pretty good chunks of payout dollars too, especially when you consider that’s for each day.

We still need to hit some minimum numbers to actually HAVE the cash for those payouts, but I know ya’ll will come through for us by harassing your buddies to register.

Finally, a few words on the question of equal payouts for women: hell yeah.

You Lucky Dogs!

For the past five months a small group of us have been planning the CoMo CX Cup and I realize now we’ve been stingy as hell. Hogging all of the event awesomeness for ourselves was just plain mean. We know you want to get your hands dirty in the fun too so…you lucky dogs…we’ve got ways to make that happen.

Join the CoMo CX Crew in any one of following ways and you’ll get yourself a free t-shirt, free food and drink, and the life-long admiration of Jens Voigt.

Apathy is boring. Email or FB Steve Windmoeller (steve.windmoeller @ carefusion .com) and let him know where you can spend an hour or two being awe-inspiring.

Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 3.19.32 PM

We need people that want to Make New Friends. It’s all about teamwork when you join the crew that:

  • unpacks the van
  • builds the course–free preview of all the divots and slick spots!
  • sets up the tents and tables

When: any block of time from 10am to 2pm on Saturday.

We may not have lux embassy digs, but we still need ambassadors, or am-BadAss-adors, as I like to call them. Being an aBAa involves:

  • registering riders
  • handing out swag
  • keeping the officials happy

When: any block of time from 2:30pm-10pm Saturday and/or 8:30am-2pm Sunday

Host your own Oktoberfest. When you’re working the beer tent, you’re throwing the party! And you don’t even have to scrub a toilet or put out fresh towels. We’re gonna have beer, we’re gonna have brats and wings, we’re gonna have baked goods. We just need you!

  • manage the grill
  • keep the beer flowing
  • restock the napkin bin

When: any block of time from 4pm-10pm Saturday and/or 9am-4pm Sunday

Indulge your OCD by joining the Tidy Up Crew. We’re at the park so we don’t need to be super hygienic, but we still need:

  • trash bagged up at the end of the night Saturday
  • valuables packed into the van on Saturday
  • the course taken down on Sunday
  • tents broken down and packed on Sunday

When: 10pm-11pm Saturday and/or 4pm-6pm Sunday

Those who read to the end of instructions should always receive a reward so I saved the best for last. Get unlimited opportunities to lick the bowl by baking some CoMo CX Cup Confections. Brownies, cookies, cinnamon rolls, cupcakes, muffins. Time to put those Pinterest recipes that have just been sitting there gathering pixel dust to use. You’re not a baker? Enlist a friend/parent/grandmother/teenager that is.

  • Bake
  • Lick bowl/beaters/spatula
  • Individually wrap the goodies
  • Freeze (or bake the day before)
  • Repeat

When: you decide! But please deliver or make arrangements by Saturday.

Inspirational quote to wrap this up: Just do it.

The Video

And while you’re enjoying that over and over again, how about giving some prop to our sponsors. Without them September 27 & 28 would be just another weekend in Columbia.

FOH_logo 2  BMC-LogosBLACK





Cross Pollinating the Cross Walk

In the course of my “real” job, I have to endure a stupid amount of meetings and conference calls. Just last week–true story–when asked a question I blurted out “Oh, I thought we were still talking about something that had absolutely nothing to do with me so I wasn’t paying attention.”

What really gets me is the amount of jargon I hear in these meetings.

If you’ve ever had your blue-sky visioning show a helicopter view that face-time is the best low hanging fruit, but would require some heavy lifting by one person to leverage the value-add, well…you’re just gonna have to put that in the parking lot until it can be cross-walked with HR. We don’t have that kind of bandwidth! Seriously. Don’t you even understand the deliverable?

The 360-degree view of jargon is that its usage is supposed to make others think you’re smart, but what they’re really thinking is “dick.”

Cycling has it’s own jargon. It can be just as annoying and confusing to those new to the sport so brush up here. There are a few things specific to CX (that’s jargon for cyclocross) that weren’t on the list so I’ll drill-down for you.

  • Hole-Shot–Used in a sentence: “His specialty is getting the hole-shot.” This term refers to being the first person to make it into the narrow section or first turn after a start. The person that gets the hole-shot has less chance of getting tangled up in the pack of racers. The term also elicits many TWSS moments.
  • Heckling–A CX race is very spectator-friendly, so all your cycling frenemies can be there to heckle, i.e. cheer, you on. There was some discussion last year about when heckling goes too far. We don’t seem to have that problem much here in Mid-Mo and I’m firmly in the “heckle you friends, encourage everyone else” camp.
  • Cowbells–Also a big part of the spectating experience. Personally, I can’t stand ’em.
  • HandupsDisclaimer: They are technically illegal in USAC races. You can get a DQ for taking a handup unless they are pre-approved for the pit area…so that’s why handups take place far away from the officials. Handups can be anything from snack food to beer to dollar bills to 8-track cassettes tapes. Bacon is a current fad. So are donuts.
  • Svenness/Like A Vos–A reference to having a perfect moment on the CX course. Used in sentences: “Way to Svenness that corner!” “You rode that section Like A Vos!” The terms came from a video series created by In the Crosshairs. Sven Nys and Marianne Vos are undisputed champs and watching them do their thing is inspirational.
  • The Rules–People are referencing The Rules when you hear Rule #5, HTFU, n+1, or “it’s all about the bike.” The Rules aren’t specific to cyclocross, but they capture the spirit.

Finally, watch this video below. If you’re still confused, let’s take this offline so I can help you reach paradigm shift.

Bring in the Newbs

The firs thing out of my mouth when someone tells me they ride bikes is “Do you know what cyclocross is?”

Usually they walk into my verbal trap with some variation of “I’ve heard of it but never seen it” or “No, I don’t think so,” then I’m off and running.

Sometimes I get scolded for possibly scaring people by talking about it too much, but when you love something as much as I love cyclocross you want to bring more people in to share the party.

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 9.56.08 AM

Help me bring some newbs into CoMo cyclocross this season.

  • Share the video below with a friend who doesn’t know what cyclocross is.
  • Invite family and friends to join you Sept 27 & 28 at CoMo Cyclcross Cup. They can watch. They can ride. They can join the party.


Note: If you have superhero vision you can see some of the CoMo Cup planning team watching one of the races in this video.